Let’s Taste Gubba Rum!!

Let’s Taste Gubba Rum!!

From Rick, The Rum Runner — Sipping my way through.

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Lets taste Gubba Rum

It’s always a great day here at the bar of Rick The Rum Runner, when a new rum makes it appearance. A few weeks ago, perhaps longer, since I managed to pass on my address to them, Steve Gubb of Gubba Rum contacted me and offered to send samples. I LOVE distillers that do that! Well, after some time – they have made their way here. I have set out my glass and we will sample the two (Silver and Gold) rums and pass on what we find to you.

Gubba Silver Rum

I poured out a nice sample and inspected it. It is indeed crystal clear, the aroma is very

pleasant, I get sweetness right away, an almost cotton-candy waft with definite coconut background. The first taste is sweet, this is modeled after Caribbean Rums and it really captures the sugar cane match. The rum stays sweet in your mouth – this is great for mixing with citrus juice based recipes. It is so nice on the tongue – I recommend it for a cold (over the rocks or from a cold bottle) sipper. Full of flavor, it embodies the rums we remember from the islands. This is not a hugely complex rum – it has a great smoothness and flavor the coconut is never overpowering – it makes the rum complete. Complexity doesn’t seem to be the target – flavor, and out and out pleasantness is what comes from this spirit. It is not often that I find a lot of Rums that can be both mixers and sippers — Gubba Rum Silver – is very satisfying as either!

Gubba Gold Rum

After the silver, figuring that as the base for the Gold Rum, I was anxious to taste. As many of you know – I started as not that big of a fan of dark rums, until I began tasting the craft Rums of America. I have changed my mind and tend to lean heavily in their direction. That said, the Caribbean sweetness of real Cane Sugar in the Silver, made me excited to try the Gold.
Aroma – immediately a bit more intense. Oh yes, caramel, burnt sugars, perhaps a touch of cask, so a bit of age? They say they add vanilla – and that is there as well but not an affront. Don’t think it will rob any flavor and it is subtle and nice both to the nose and taste buds. Still a sweeter style of rum than many, remember is is flavored, – but if you are a fan — YOU will like this combination!! I immediately tried a Cuba-Libre.. and yes — that is a wonderful mixer for that!! The Cola/Rum caramel intensity was extremely satisfying and so inviting. What a shade drink that would make in Summer. My guess is — a slightly sweeter version of a Dark and Stormy would be another instant hint!

Steve writes in his website

“I didn’t want to give up on the idea of creating a new, different tasting rum. I was introduced to a distiller in Colorado, who was willing to work with me to hand craft the artisanal, naturally organic products that are now Gubba Gold Rum and Gubba Silver Rum. Gubba Gold contains natural vanilla and Gubba Silver contains natural coconut which are both unfiltered. It’s normal for the infusion of natural ingredients to settle in the bottle.  Simply shake and enjoy!”

He calls it a Rum Liqueur and I’d have to say that is a great title. It is not the raw – straight from the barrel rum. It has some refinement, a few additions that make the straight up and mixed uses a bit more island friendly. This is a definite – Bar addition!

The Gold has more complexity with the addition of the vanilla, the caramel flavors and what I sear is a bit of woodiness. I saw no reference to age – but if not – it has a flavor of a bit.

I just got a BIG Thumbs up from Mrs. Runner. This will be a great High End Rum Liqueur… Till next time!

Rick the Rum Runner - Gubba Gold