Gubba Rum Rides a Wave of Success Back to New Orleans

Gubba Rum Rides a Wave of Success Back to New Orleans

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Gubba Rum Rides a Wave of Success Back to New Orleans
A very, very smooth rum returns to the Big Easy after a very, very busy year

(New Orleans, LA – July 17, 2014) What a difference a year makes! Gubba Rum was virtually unknown 365 days ago when it took New Orleans by storm—a coconut and vanilla-infused tropical storm, that is—at Tales of the Cocktail, the city’s annual summer celebration of spirits. This week Gubba Rum returns to the Big Easy for Tales 2014 after a remarkably busy year in which it has sailed literally around the country, dazzling rum drinkers in port cities from coast to coast.

At the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Gubba Rum’s organic, artisanal recipe won it a pair of bronze medals. Back on the East Coast, Gubba Rum did something that most newcomers can only dream of—it sold out a case at the Miami Rum Festival, where it was the surprise hit. And at home in New England, Gubba Rum joined forces this year with a distributor, Hellas Import Ltd., bringing “The Allure of the Caribbean” to dozens of liquor stores and fine restaurants from Cape Cod to Boston, including the renowned comfort food and cocktail mecca of the South End, Back Bay Harry’s.

Now it’s back to New Orleans, this time with a new swagger, where owner Steve Gubb once again will showcase his creations, Gubba Gold and Gubba Silver, at what many call the world’s premier cocktail festival. Tales of the Cocktail runs through Sunday, and will feature a Gubba Rum tasting on Saturday afternoon, 12:00 to 1:30, in the lobby of the historic Hotel Monteleone.
You might say it’s ironic that Gubba Rum is leaving cocktail lovers so shaken and stirred everywhere it goes, because it’s doing it with its impeccable smoothness.

Gubb banked on this smoothness to steal the show in Miami, and his confidence paid off. While other brands mixed their rums in cocktails and relied on eye-catching displays, Gubb took a simple and bold approach for his three days in Florida—he invited people to taste the rum straight. Without fail, Gubba Rum showed why it’s the rum people are calling “very, very smooth.”
This recipe for success is no accident. Inspired by native rum he and his wife enjoyed on a trip to St. Martin in 2011, Gubb returned home determined to bring the flavors of the Caribbean to American shores. He soon partnered with the award-winning Dancing Pines Distillery of Colorado, capturing the creative energy of the craft distilling movement of the Rockies to produce an unforgettable, handcrafted pure cane rum infused with only the finest natural organic ingredients. Batches of both the Gubba Gold and the Gubba Silver, each 70 proof, go through a six-month infusion—the Gold with real vanilla, and the Silver with real coconut. Neither contains any extracts or additives, and both are in the process of being certified as an organic spirit.
Not bad for rum that retails for about $21.00 a bottle. A step up brand that compares with top shelf rums.

Tales of the Cocktail co-founder Paul Tuennerman might have said it best last summer in New Orleans when he sampled Gubba Rum during a tasting on live radio. “That’s a bottle of trouble right there,” he told Gubb. Countless other rum aficionados left New Orleans as believers, including the crowds who lined up to sample the Hotel Monteleone’s famous white chocolate bread pudding with a Gubba Gold rum sauce. Even New Orleans’s oldest restaurant, the 174-year-old Antoine’s, paid America’s newest hit rum a compliment when Gubb shared an invitation to lunch from Antoine’s owner Ms. Yvonne Davis. Lunch of vichyssoise and veal burgundy was topped off with an impromptu sampling of Gubba Gold & Gubba Silver. Customers at the next table also joined the tasting, much to their great delight!

A rum so smooth is the perfect match for many meals and for all sorts of cocktails. The Gubba Silver mixes beautifully in pina coladas and mojitos, and the Gubba Gold can’t miss in a Cuba Libre. But whether mixed, straight, or over ice, Gubba Rum continues to impress in more restaurants and bars, on more decks and patios, in more cities across the United States.
Imagine what the next 365 days will bring.


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