Gubba Rum – America’s Smoothest Rum is also America’s Hardest-Working

Gubba Rum – America’s Smoothest Rum is also America’s Hardest-Working


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America’s Smoothest Rum is also America’s Hardest-Working

(New Orleans, LA – July 14, 2015) Go ahead and look, but we’re willing to bet you won’t find a rum anywhere in America smoother than Gubba Rum®. Anyone who’s tasted it knows it’s wicked smooth. So smooth, it’s like a vacation in a bottle.

Striving to be America’s smoothest rum also has made Gubba Rum owner Steven Gubb one of America’s hardest-working spirit suppliers. Crisscrossing the country from one tasting to another, to spirit festivals and cocktail competitions, to restaurants, bars, and liquor stores, the people behind Gubba Rum have more than doubled the retail reach of the brand since last Labor Day. Their hard work means this summer, more rum lovers than ever will get their first taste of that vacation smoothness.

In the last few months alone, Gubb has found himself in Florida at the Coral Gables Festival of the Arts and the Tropical Rum Fest in West Palm Beach, then off to Las Vegas for the Nightclub & Bar Show, and back east for the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. Then Gubba Rum was entered in the Newport Beach Cigar & Spirits Festival on May 22, followed up by participation in the SIP Awards in Long Beach, California.

The stops in California garnered three more medals for Gubba Rum in what has become a long list of awards. The judges at the SIP Awards gave a gold medal to Gubba Silver, while Gubba Gold took home a bronze. This follows closely on the heels of Gubba Gold’s bronze medal win at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in March. These awards will take their place in the trophy case alongside medals earned in 2014 at World Spirits Competitions in San Diego and New York since the 2014 Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

Gubba Rum’s award-winning recipe was inspired by the native rum liqueur that Gubb tasted on a trip to St. Martin in 2011. Determined to bring “The Allure of the Caribbean™” to American shores, he partnered with Dancing Pines Distillery of Colorado to create an artisanal, pure cane rum infused with natural ingredients—Gubba Silver with natural coconut, Gubba Gold with natural vanilla. Neither contains any flavoring or extracts, unlike many other rums. Both are earning a reputation for being smoother than silk.

Just ask The Atomic Grog blog, which named the Silver and Gold its “Rums of the Week” for May 11-17—another feather in Gubba Rum’s cap. “As all-natural, cane based products, they’re much superior to your average flavored rum,” the blog proclaimed.

Gubba was a hit this spring too at the New England Tequila & Rum Festival at Twin River Casino in Rhode Island and at The Hukilau, the 40th anniversary Tiki celebration of the famous Mai-Kai restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

At each event, Gubba Rum has hosted tastings, built momentum and brand exposure, and gained new fans.

“The brand is such when people try it, they love it, they want to tell their friends about it, and they want to recommend it to other people who they know like to drink rum,” Gubb said, explaining the success achieved on its cross-country tour. “People flock to it. They ask where they can buy it. They don’t just say thanks and move to the next tasting table. They come back to Gubba Rum because they want to taste it again and again.”

Luckily for rum lovers, Gubba Rum can be purchased and enjoyed at an ever-growing list of stores, bars, and restaurants. Doubling its reach in just over one year, the brand can be found in many venues in Massachusetts, from Boston to Worcester and across Cape Cod. Locations range from the popular Wegmans supermarkets, recently arrived in the Bay State, to the hip, waterfront Harbor Hotel of Provincetown, literally at the tip of New England.

More locations are on the way, too, in New England and eventually in South Florida, New Orleans, and California, where Gubb is talking to distributors. Without a giant marketing firm to compete with the major rum suppliers of the world, Gubb has had to hustle, but he’s found that his rum’s incredible smoothness markets itself. “If I had an inferior rum product, I’d be long gone by now,” he joked. “When a one-man show like me goes into a store or a restaurant, you’ve got to have something to offer and I have a great product. The rum tastes great, it’s a high-quality product, and I sell it at a very competitive price.”

Indeed, at between $20 to $25 per bottle, Gubba Rum is a treasure waiting to be discovered.
Gubba Rum’s next stop will be New Orleans, July 15-19, for Tales of the Cocktail, the world-renowned spirits show where the brand first became a crowd favorite two summers ago. There at the Corner Bar at the Hotel Monteleone, bartenders will serve up signature cocktails with Gubba Gold and Gubba Silver and Wild Hibiscus mixers. Based in Australia, Wild Hibiscus produces hibiscus flowers in syrup, to make fabulous cocktail mixers, extracts, teas, and more.

Immediately after Tales, Gubb will take his rum to the IPCPR (International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers) for a two-day tasting event in New Orleans, at the invitation of the organizers of the Cigar & Spirits Festival in Newport Beach—another perfect example of how Gubba Rum’s success in one city leads to another.

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