The story behind Gubba Rum

My wife and I visited St. Martin some time ago. While there, we got to taste a delicious rum liquor, in a striking, hand painted bottle. After returning to the States, I decided to import that product to the States as there was nothing similar on the market. After spending significant time and money, it wasn’t logistically possible.

Since significant time and money had already been invested, I didn’t want to give up on the idea of creating a new, different tasting rum. I was introduced to a distiller in Colorado, who was willing to work with me to hand craft the artisanal, naturally organic products that are now Gubba Gold Rum and Gubba Silver Rum. Gubba Gold contains natural vanilla and Gubba Silver contains natural coconut which are both unfiltered. It’s normal for the infusion of natural ingredients to settle in the bottle.  Simply shake and enjoy!


About Gubba Rum

Gubba Rums are inspired by using a technique that dates back to the 1800’s. These artisanal, organic and naturally infused rums are made from pure cane and the finest fruits, spices and herbs the world has to offer.